Stage safety is the most important and always discussed subject in the performance industry. AP also pay great attention to the stage safety. AP choose the high safety factor hoist and shackle, such as Chain Master and CM brand, that to ensure every detail in good safety condition.

Also AP provide different length spigot and screw truss for different shape need. Do let us know your design, we will provide a safety stage for you. If you don’t find your need, please contact us and will provide solution for you.
Rigging & Truss
  • Chian Master BGV-D8

    Electric Chain Hoists
    Capacity:1 ton
    24m Chain
    Speed: 4m/min
  • CM Hurricane 360°

    Hand Chain Hoists
    Capacity:1 ton
    12m Chain
  • Omega Shackle SWL 3 tons

    Size: 5/8
    Tons: 3 1/4
    Alloy(lbs): 6500
    Weight per 100 (lbs): 130
  • Doughty SWL 500KG

    Coupler clamps
  • Doughty SWL 750KG

    Coupler clamps
    Width: 50mm (2")
    Weight: 1.33 Kg
  • Chain Hoist Control

    380V/3 Phase
    8 way
    Dimension: 485*300*270mm
  • 300*300mm Screw Truss

    Square Screw Truss
    Length: 0.3m/0.5m/1m/2m
    Included Corner box/top plate/base plate
  • 400*400mm Spigot Truss

    Square Spigot Truss
    Length: 0.5m/1m/2m
    Included Corner box/top plate/base plate
  • Ground support System Stabilizer & Outrigger

    Rigger Base
    300mm Truss segment
    Outrigger Tubes
    4-Way Junction box
    Truss Top
    4 Hinge block set
  • GIS D8

    LCH1000 Electric Chain Hoists
    Capacity:1 ton
    24m Chain
    Speed: 4m/min